Vitruviano's Juice

VITRUVIANO'S JUICE - Positano, Front Lake e Donn'Amalia 30ml E-Liquid


From vaping passion and pastry experience, born Vitruvian's Juice, a company that has taken its first steps in the family thanks to the initiative of Luigi d'Alessandro on the one hand and the passion and expertise of pastry from his wife Giovanna ' another. The whole family D'Alessandro was then rolled up their sleeves, pledging to 360 °, thanks to the understanding and and harmony that derives from it, creating today three fantastic e-liquids: the Positano, the Lake Front and Donn'Amalia.

A breath of fresh news, then, that makes the company's Juice Vitruvian curious, always ready to learn and to get involved, despite the difficult times dictated by the time of crisis.

The three highly anticipated famossimi and liquids of Vitruvian's Juice, in shades of nicotine equal to 0mg, 4,5mg, 9mg, are as follows:


Positano is born from an emotion felt by Louis and Joan after enjoying the Lemon Delizia, while they were on vacation for a few days on the Amalfi coast, Positano, which later took the name of the liquid. At that precise moment's spark of understanding between the two in order to want to replicate that emotion "in a cloud of steam."

Wasting no more time, Luigi started deepened his research on the issue fresh in the laboratory of his uncles Joan and once identified the structure of the sweet, began a new research on food flavorings to be used and the long period of experimentation until arrive at the result that all the sweet and creamy Vapers today know, they appreciate and love svapare.


Front Lake is born just for fun, with the intention of wanting to replicate the famous e-liquid Twellmeyer, bringing some tasty change. It is a liquid fruity and complex, on the basis of red fruits with the addition of pineapple and mango for a total of 7 different fragranze.La choice of the name of this liquid has a double connotation: on the one hand, Luigi wants to create sympathetically a kind of parallelism with the Poolside (Pool Side / Front Lake) and on the other hand we have a deeper motivation and emotional. In childhood and youth of Louis there is a lake itself, which has become a symbol of his most intimate memories and family, or the Laceno lake, located in a valley surrounded by green karst Picentini. A place full of emotions and sensations experienced at first with his father, when on Sunday, with hat and boots we went fishing together, taking the opportunity to speak of become big, to be men and to assume its responsibilities and then with the family, with his wife Joan and her son John, with sunny days and fun - literally "lake front" - with picnic tasty and sweet smiles.


Donn'amalia is born in October / November 2014. It is a creamy e-liquid more seasonal, with aromatic notes and scents of autumn: roasted hazelnuts and almonds, pistachios and almonds caramelized, with the addition of vanilla and cream pastry. The inspiration for this sweet liquid, which is a treat for the cold season, is an episode from childhood of Louis, during a country fair with all the streets full of colorful stalls. Children's eyes, of course, are placed mainly on the confectionery stalls, overflowing with candy, almond, licorice, caramelized nuts. Behind one of these stalls Louis recalls the presence of a beautiful young woman, eyed charming, that intrigued him immediately. Imagine a typical Mediterranean beauty with soft features, fleshy and full ... whose name she thought is full of mystery and charm: Donn'Amalia.







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