The Milkman

The Vaping Rabbit presents... The MILKMAN!


The Vaping Rabbit is an original producer of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes that is directly down the rabbit hole in the beautiful Los Angeles.

The Vaping Rabbit was created in 2006 through the merger of a bar east characterized by the presence of hookah and a homemade ice cream both owned by the owner Barbara Villegas.

During these years Vaping The Rabbit has grown and has become known worldwide as one of the best, most innovative and creative companies in the world of vaping liquid.


THE MILKMAN... the MilkMan is coming!



From the creative minds of the premium line of liquids for electronic cigarettes of The Vaping The Rabbit comes a new and tasty experience of vape.

Imagine a milkshake made with fruit tarts warm, a nice dollop of vanilla ice cream and fresh milk and delicious ... a mix just great! A sweet and sensational treat for the senses.

The Milkman, is a well-balanced and extremely delicious liquid that delivers a perfect vape.

Light, creamy and soft, The Milkman manages to perfectly fill the gap between breakfast and dessert. Ideal for all-day-vape.

The design of the bottles of 30 ml and the packaging are fantastic, original and unique!

The packaging has the appearance of a typical carton of milk.

The bottle with dropper, has two colors: black and white and shows the design of the milk carton.

A unique flavor, definitely not to be missed!


CHURRIOS... the Milkman leads in Spain!


The Milkman took warm and soft churros sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon ... and them soaked in fresh milk that we have now come to know and to love by offering a new and truly sensational taste to your taste buds with the new Churrios e-liquid.

The decadent, warm and soft taste of churros, typical Spanish sweet sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, contained in the liquid for electronic cigarettes Churrios is accompanied dall'avvolgente taste of fresh milk and creamy offering the perfect svapata we've come to expect from the milkman.

It is a vape alluring and complex that bridges the gap between the flavors of breakfast and sweet flavors with a creamy dessert .. this is definitely a taste not to be missed!

Churrios, with its flavors well balanced and extremely delicious, will offer a perfect vape experience worthy to be called an all-day-vape!

As The Milkman, the packaging of this new liquid has the appearance of milk carton and is available in shades of nicotine 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.


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