T-Juice concentrated flavors: features

Quality of ingredients first and foremost: all suppliers of T-Juice are in Europe and the USA, 95% of them in the UK.

T-Juice aromas created to meet the needs of vaping! If you are looking for a delicious flavor to come out of the ordinary, or if you want a taste of svapare daily, between aromas T-Juice will definitely find what suits you.

T-Juice aromas are made starting from a mixture of natural extracts, for a yield gustatory absolutely true to reality.

Just like a fine wine, T-Juice aromas, after a production process according to strict rules, undergo an appropriate period of settling in order to unleash the best of themselves!

T-Juice aromas are compatible with all the most popular electronic cigarettes. We recommend using a new and clean atomizer cartomizzatore or before vaping with T-Juice aromas.

After extensive testing, theT-Juice team has found the perfect mix for a full aroma and an intense vaping: 80% of propylene glycol and 20% of vegetable glycerine (obtained from rapeseed oil).

The T-Juice aromas does not contain nicotine and are designed to be used after dilution. The concentrate must be diluted in a quantity of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. According to your taste or need, the mixture can be added to a base of nicotine concentration that is preferred. The ideal percentage is 15% of concentrated aroma on the total of liquid to be obtained.

However, the exceptional quality of these concentrates enables excellent performance even at lower concentrations. Also starting from a concentration of only 2.5%, it will be appreciated the difference between these aromas and those tested so far. This applies to all the flavors of this British brand, especially for those sweet-fruity. Aromas never dull, but surprisingly daring mix apparently hit the spot!

How about a voluptuous vapor aroma of chocolate cake with whipped cream, cherries and berries? Let groped by then Cherry Choc!
You have a soul gothic? Try then Vape Vamp, aroma red blood-flavored Paradise: caramel extracts expertly mixed with notes of coconut!

You love to share your relaxing moments vaping with your sweetheart? Then you should try African Dizziac, aroma like a Macumba mysterious and sensual as a belly dancer, a mixture composed of unproven peppermint, anisette, hay greek and rare herbs.
Desire for freshness and energy vitamin? Then Tangerine Dream is the place for you: a super mix of red fruits and tangerine with a crisp hint of citrus zest!

Want a tabaccoso rather surprising and different from the crowd? Hermano Rubio is the aroma made from the extract of leaves of burley tobacco and dark tobacco that will turn your vaping in a whole new experience, erasing the memory of the classic cigarettes from your taste buds!

These and many other T-Juice aromas, never dull!

In the same way that T-Juice decanted its liquid ready to use, so you will need to let stand 3 to 5 days mixtures homemade, in order to get the best in terms of taste and vapor.

Is recommended to use protective gloves when mixing T-Juice aromas, and to retain the liquid obtained in a place away from direct light.
T-Juice aromas are available in two sizes: 10 ml, for those who want to test new flavors, and 30 ml for those who want to make a supply of his favorite flavor!

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