Suprem-e - E-Liquid

Suprem-e - 10ml and 30ml E-Liquid



All ready liquids and aromas of Suprem-e are of high quality and safe products made entirely in Italy, for smokers who have decided to enjoy the pleasures of vape with serenity.

Moreover, the liquid "Suprem-e" are distinguished by their impressive packaging, for the careful selection of aromas and flasks, but above all to be able to make the vape a unique feeling!

Suprem-e is committed to develop and promote its products, actively offering new flavors carefully created by their flavourists experts to meet the needs of svapatori.

The entire production process, computerized and automated to meet the strictest safety standards, is continuously monitored.

In addition, all production lots are systematically controlled by laboratories accredited by the National Health Institute Italian UNI CEI EN 17025 ISO / IEC.

The information system also guarantees the traceability of the production lots at all stages of distribution, from production to storage at dealers.

In our store you will find Svapoexpress lines:

- I Classici 

- First Pick Re-Brand: a refined mix of essences makes the First Pick Re-brand unique in its kind, thanks also to its elegant packaging. The hot mixing for 72 hours in small selected batches makes its aroma unique, enhancing those notes which have made the First Pick a must for the lovers of the Virginia tobacco branded suprem-e;

- First Lab: French, Japanese and American flavorings, carefully selected and perfectly blended, qualify the new diacetyl-/acetyl-free line by Suprem-e.




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