Royal Blend

Royal Blend - 20ml E-Liquid

The Royal Blend is an Italian company that produces a wide range of e-liquids for electronic cigarette designed to meet a vast number of svapatori around the world with a production of high quality preceded by a careful evaluation of the aromas and flavor that must be from "svapata" ... the taste is gradually refined by experts who work closely with herbalists laboratory.

Only on reaching the best result, the product is then approved and distributed.

Within these "taste experiences", Royal Blend has created three "Aromatic Lines", each of which can be purchased either without nicotine content with either nicotine concentration of 9mg / ml (0.9% W / V) and 18mg / ml (1.8% W / V):

- Natural Blend (6) that recall the SVAPO tastes fresh and harmonious fruit flavors and fragrance of "natural"

- Special Blend (4) that there soroprenderanno with imaginative flavors that recall the summer or to adapt to different seasons ... or special moments that evoke ...

- Tobacco (5) with a variety of flavors they want ridarvi svapare in the taste of tobacco classics.

The Royal Blend is focusing on "quality and safety", namely not to use the e-liquids are harmful to "force" the achievement of a better taste.


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