Ripe Vapes

Ripe Vapes - 30ml E-Liquid



SvapoExpress is proud to present the fantastic American Ripe Vapes E-Liquids.

Inside the store you will find fragrances produced in Los Angeles, CA:



- Key Lime Cookies: wonderfully sweet notes of tart lime, mixed with the enveloping aroma of freshly baked cookies

- VCT: sexy and sweet aroma of vanilla cream, with a rich final note of tobacco and a hint of toasted almonds

- Pear Almond: rich flavor of marzipan with aromatic notes of ripe pear summer

- Monkey Snack: delicious combination of rich and creamy peanut butter and a sweet, velvety banana

- Coconut Thai: liquid that is inspired by the exotic flavors of Thailand

- Honeysuckle Apple Crisp: the sweetness of the apple crumble combined with spicy floral notes of honeysuckle

- VCT Private Reserve: blend of vanilla, cream and tobacco.

Produced with the best raw materials, liquids for electronic cigarette Ripe vapes all have a prevalence of vegetable glycerine (VG) to deliver an enveloping SVAPO, deep and unique.

In Ripe vapes it is easy to distinguish each note aromatic ingredients expertly combined.

30ml glass bottle with safety cap and dropper.

Composition: 25% Propylene Glycol (PG), <75% Gligerina Plant (VG) pharmaceutical grade, natural and artificial flavors.

Shades of nicotine available: 0mg / ml, 3 mg / ml, 6 mg / ml, 9 mg / ml, 12mg / ml and 18mg / ml.

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