Real Farma

REAL FARMA -  20ml E-Liquid

The products REAL FARMA guarantee a pleasant and natural, thanks to advanced production techniques that do not involve the use of chemical additives or raw materials import.

A range of based fragrances , designed to offer a wide and varied choice able to satisfy a large-scale consumers:

- Arabic: delicious combination of tobacco with sublime taste of pure Arabic coffee,

- Cherry: enveloping and captivating scent of sun-ripened fruits,

- Fresh: the fresh, sweet taste of real mint,

- Liqui: pure liquorice lightly flavored with anise inserts,

- Ron: intense flavor, spicy and decided on the Rum Caribbean

- San Diego: a good tabaccoso that tastes like tobacco,

- Soft Tobacco: ideal for those in search of tobacco leaf from the flavor,

- Vanity: candied sweet taste and vanilla,

- Virginia Tobacco: tabaccoso smooth taste with a slight feeling cloying,

- Wild Tobacco: tabaccoso with a slight, but pleasant aftertaste of liquorice

REAL FARMA is a manufacturer of liquid and supplies high-quality electronic cigarettes.

With an entirely made in Italy, the company has a distribution network including Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands, but in continuous development in search of new markets.


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