Moo E-Liquid

Moo E-Liquid: Premium E-Liquids for E-Cig Made in USA

Moo E-liquid is an American brand of liquid for electronic cigarette founded in 2015 in Orange County, California.

Enjoy the smooth taste, rich and creamy fresh milk liquid Moo ... Try the Moo E-Liquid!

Moo E-liquid has a collection of three premium liquids: Vanilla Almond Milk, Banana Milk and Strawberry Milk... containing a creamy, soft and decadent mix of sweet milk that gives body to the liquid combined with fruity flavors blended perfectly to meet all Vapers .

All liquids Moo E-liquid containing a high percentage of  VG Vegetable Glycerin and are packaged in glass bottles with a dropper "cow-like".

You will find the liquids Moo available on Svapoexpress ... Vanilla Almond Milk, Banana Milk and Strawberry Milk will make your mouth water!

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