Molinberry - 10ml concentrated flavors

Molinberry is a trademark of concentrated flavors of high quality to create excellent liquid.

The aromas Molinberry were created thanks to the great experience and extensive knowledge of two companies: Chemnovatic and Molinshop. Companies who know the global market for e-cigarette liquid, fully understanding the needs of individual customers, as well as producers of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

The main objective of the collaboration between the two companies is to create a line of fragrances carefully selected to create liquid, with an authentic taste and intense able to maintain at the same time the highest quality and safety of the final products.

Fruity aromas are, for example: Big Watermelon, Coconut Palm, Blackberry Dark, Easy Lemon, Juicy Orange.

Sweet aromas are, for example: Milkshake, Chocolate Clementine, Star Anise, Pink Lady, American Bubble Gum.

Drinks aromas, for example: Fresh coffee, Em Formula, Fizzy Cola, JD whiskey, Malibu Pinacolada.

Tobacco aromas are, for example: Tobacco Latakia, RY-4, Mix USA, Charlie Tobacco, Ash Cigar.

Menthol aromas are, for example: Eucalyptus with Mint, Fresh Mint and Ice Mint.


Molinberry products are divided into 5 categories: sweet, mint, tobacco, fruit and drinks.

The range of flavors offered on SvapoExpress allows creating seamless composites liquids, with completely new and original recipes.

Molinberry aromas comply with European regulations on food flavorings 1334/2008. Molinberry aromas are diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free, do not contain dyes or preservatives and are made entirely in Europe (Made in Europe).

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