Milky Cones Vapory by Kilo

Milky Cones Vapory by Kilo - E-liquid for e-cigarettes on Svapoexpress

Milky Cones Vapory is the new liquid line Made In The USA for electronic cigarette product by Kilo E-Liquid.

Kilo E-Liquid is a world renowned brand in the production of ready liquid for electronic cigarette founded in 2014 and represents more freedom of expression through new ideas and unique flavors, while maintaining the iconic style and originality.

With the quality that always precedes the quantity, the brand Kilo E-Liquid continues to grow in a methodical way, exceeding expectations with outstanding craftsmanship.

Milky Cones vapory consists of a range of three fantastic flavors to discover: Cookies N Cream, Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Bean.

E-Liquids Milky Cones Vapory are available in the Mix Series version (liquid flavor concentrate 50 ml and base Ribilio Pure Drip 10ml) and nicotine in different gradations.

Composition: 70% vegetable glycerin VG and 30% PG propylene glycol.



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