Lord Hero

Lord Hero - Concentrated Flavors 10ml 



Inside the store Svapoexpress can find all the concentrated flavors of Special Mix line of Lord Hero:

- Black Widow: a mix that comes directly from the undergrowth where Red Fruit, Strawberries, Cherries and other secret ingredients are the masters ... the mix remains a fruity taste and hot ... sometimes sweet and sometimes sour taste because of red fruit themselves

- Caribbean: based on Brandy and tropical fruit, this liquid is a real treat for lovers of flavors Summer, but you also want good from cold weather to break the hot flavors

- Cobra: mix immersive suitable for even the most demanding ... Svapatori find a star anise wrapped in the warmth of the wood ... but it remains a mix sour as the fruits themselves but is softened by a good dose of caramel "fresh"

- Hornet: a green apple out of the ordinary that will capture each shot, with its notes of licorice and Sweet Mint Ice, a soft caramel and hints of other aromas Secrets You will need to research the different wattages

- Malibu: mix created from a base of rum and coconut which recalls the taste of true Malibu ... which notes have been added cold, pungent and sweet to be tested in various wattages

- Monkey: a mix inspired Cocktal "IBA" Frozen Banana Mama where the rum is shrouded banana ... a real treat for fans of the genre

- Smurfette: a mixture consisting of fresh apricot, spicy, with a light acidity date from wild blueberries

- Smurfette Ice: ICE version of the Aroma PUFFETTA remains more minty and fresh

- Scorpion: wormwood, anise, bergamot and lime plus other secret ingredients make this aroma a blend that will involve every shot

- Sexy Queen: the taste of an orange "softly creamy", sometimes bitter sweet ... at times ... it seems to svapare a soft cake with orange.

- T-Rex: sweet taste reminiscent of a cocoa biscuit that is mixed with other chocolaty flavors that you will discover every svapata ... ends the aromatic bouquet with notes of sweet espresso took the Bar

- Tinkerbell: a fantastic liquorice Buttery and creamy with a hint of a Fresh Mint enriched with a sweet rum and soft vanilla berries



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