Some considerations on flavorings and liquids DKS

The e-liquid for electronic cigarette are not all alike. SvapoExpress is an official distributors of DKS eLiquid: a certified, tested and 100% for Italian vaping experience safe and guaranteed.

The research and development department of the brand has created over fifty flavors, all made with natural flavors and guaranteed. Aromas and flavors available are prepared with the innovative production techniques, which allow you to extract the natural flavors without using harmful chemicals. All flavors are free of nicotine and tobacco products, in fact, only natural ingredients are used in a mixture of water, natural glycerin and propylene glycol tested and non-GMO.

The choice of flavors of SvapoExpress is wide and diverse, to suit all tastes and a vaping experience intense and pleasant, natural and safe. The flavor available ranging from sweet flavors like vanilla and orange, to the fresh taste with lemon and mint, with an interesting range of tabaccosi for those who desire to smoke without leaving the e-cigarette habits aromatic traditional analog.

The offer of DKS Eliquid our portal is divided into concentrated flavors ready and neutral bases to prepare your personal blend.

The use of natural ingredients allows you to mix the concentrated flavors to suit personal preference, to get new sensations and create interesting mix between fruity, floral and spicy. Every taste is designed to offer the best vaping experience with fragrances that envelop and awaken the senses.

The preparation of the e-liquid DKS is very simple and intuitive, just pour 3 to 6 drops of aroma every 10 ml. liquid based Zero: the concentration of flavor depends on personal taste, mix together the aromas achieves an alchemy of flavors original and creative.

All packages are carefully prepared: the child-resistant cap and the security seal affixed to each product are an additional guarantee of safety and quality of the aromas produced by the leader in the business of e-liquid made in Italy. From today are available the packs of concentrated flavors of 10 ml. Affordable, with all the flavor and brand safety DKS Eliquid.

Zero nicotine and dyes: discover the original flavors and liquids DKS.

People who want to quit or reduce smoking without giving up cigarettes, they will find in the aromas and liquid DKS a valuable ally. The different proposals are made following an exclusive formulation, designed to meet customers health conscious and welfare staff. Unlike other products on the market, the DKS liquids do not contain nicotine or other substances which might replace the consumption of tobacco products. This guarantees to those who receive it moments of true relaxation and, at the same time, a viable solution to get rid of nicotine. For its liquid DKS uses only natural flavors, water, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol from non-GMO corn (genetically modified organisms).

100% natural ingredients are used only extracts with sophisticated production techniques and without any chemical agent.

200% concentrated: DKS liquids can be diluted up to 50% without losing taste! This means that by using the base DKS ZERO can get up to twice the aroma without losing the taste, keeping the perfect equilibiro mixture.

Categories include Balsamic aromas, Floral, Fruity, Spicy and Tabaccosi. In addition, the special taste Zero is ideal to create neutral bases to customize. One approach to electronic smoke than usual, oriented to the environment and preferences of each.

You can sort the liquids and aromas DKS with a simple click, starts to fill the cart and remember: if the total exceeds 40 € the shipping is free! Do not miss the opportunity to get what they want at home without moving an inch. Get started now.


Official price liquids DKS

We are introducing the new line of flavors DKS PLUS, in the packaging 10ML and new bottle. The price of 5,90EUR is more advantageous version from 5ML to 3,90EUR.

With this way DKS wanted to offer its customers a revised, new recipes, and at a price more affordable.

As authorized dealers the prices you find on our store are the "minimum" imposed by DKS.

Try new combinations of taste 100% natural!

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