La Tabaccheria

La Tabaccheria - Tobacco Extracts 10ml

New line of Tobacco extracts for E-Cigarette by TLa Tabaccheria to be diluted in neutral bases.

All La Tabaccheria extracts are handmade and organic flavorings to 100%, derived from extraction in the purity of the sun tobacco leaves not worked and without further additions of additives or artificial flavors.

The extraction technique used provides a high concentration ... all this allows that the extracts La Tabaccheria can be appreciated immediately without the need for long aging or post-dilution.

The time and maturation may allow note further nuances but often to an extent that does not justify a long wait, often required where the concentration of an extract is not very high and this makes necessary a dilution in higher percentages and recourse to such a long ripening to allow the organic component present in low concentration to bind well to the neutral base.

The Ageing and the final result of the product depend on the production technique used, often no distinction is made between a "maceration" and an "extract" whereas there are differences and they are very significant.

The Macerate is less elaborate in terms of production and the resultant is a sweeter flavor, less concentrated and that requires a considerably longer curing time compared to the extract to be enjoyed to the fullest.

A Extract instead is more elaborate in terms of manufacturing steps and the resulting aroma is a more faithful to the extracted matrix, more concentrated and that does not require long aging to be appreciated.

Svapoexpress invites you to try the line of Tobacco Extracts La Tabaccheria!

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