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For those who enjoy the E-Cig, SvapoExpress presents INNOKIN TECHNOLOGY kits 

Innokin is one of the best brands in the world of electronic cigarettes that stands for design, quality, technology, efficiency and security.


INNOKIN Technology: a bit 'of history

INNOKIN Technology is a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes worldwide. The enormous success of this brand is the result obtained thanks to continuous investment in research and technological development: its strengths are quality, innovation and commitment to providing products that are simple to use and technologically advanced. INNOKIN Technology was also among the first brands of electronic cigarettes to create the system of interruption ON / OFF battery with LED in three colors, green, yellow and red, to take under control the autonomy. Among the models INNOKIN one can not fail to mention the electronic cigarettes iTaste, VV iClear and AIO PCC Classic that have shaped the history and the success of this brand. in addition to the entire line of big battery.

You love the electronic cigarette, SvapoExpress has selected the best e-cig INNOKIN but not only: there are also accessories, atomizers, batteries, spare parts and complete kits of the famous brand for an authentic experience of pleasure.

On our ecommerce you can find the electronic cigarette INNOKIN revolutionary thanks to its innovative design and its high technology that distinguishes each product. INNOKIN kits include everything you need to dial and recharge your e-cig as atomizer, battery and cartridge, in some of these may also be included housing, battery, bottle for liquid, USB socket and more: just click on the tab and select the desired product. On esmoke there are only complete kits INNOKIN INNOKIN atomizers but also high quality and guaranteed by certification on security control for a high-performance e-cig. The atomizers and kits INNOKIN can match the accessories that you can find on Svapoexpress as cigarette neck, cases, car charger or wall, USB port and more to have everything at your fingertips wherever you are and make your svapare experience simple, safe and unique.

In addition to brand INNOKIN on esmoke are also other known brands of electronic cigarettes with their kit, batteries, spare parts and atomizers including JUSTFOG, VISION, Kanger, TOBECO and others. Every purchase of Svapoexpress is easy, convenient and fast thanks to the possibility to choose between different modes of payment and shipments guaranteed within 24 hours of ordering and anytime you can always check the status of your orders to have everything under control.

Choose Svapoexpress, e-shop and reliable professional who selects for you only guaranteed products and innovative value-for-money!


Make space for the electronic cigarettes signed Innokin

The range of complete sets of electronic cigarettes Innokin meets the needs of a public smoking in constant search of the final product. Efficiency, technology and speed of use are the watchwords at the base of each modello.Un example is Innokin iTaste VV iClear16 dual coil, kit with steam "intelligent", to adjust the voltage or wattage in seconds simply by pressing of the keys. The stello model, like the other kits in the series, is manufactured with protection system to prevent short circuits due to defective sprayers, but also with the protection of the battery when it reaches the minimum charge.

Through 3 color LED and the interactive display is also possible to control the battery charge, the number of svapate, resistance ohm, the output voltage and many other parameters. The kits of Innokin are certified according to the strictest international standards, to guarantee safe and rewarding experience in every respect. Click on the cards that you can find on this page and discover the characteristics of each product. And remember: if you have concerns or questions we are here to answer you!

Order your kit and cut the cost of cigarettes!


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