FlavourArt - product overview

The highlight of FlavourArt are undoubtedly the foundation of dilution Heaven Juice. Available both neutral and flavored according to its own choice between all the aromas produced by FlavourArt, with 24 mg nicotine / ml or 36 mg / ml, even very advantageous in size from 50 ml: a real basis for Vapers more experts, who like to vary and who wish always a e-liquid tailored to your own tastes, to be decided on even now, to experience and never run short of vaping!

For those still not considered an expert when it comes to blending, or just want to avoid dosing errors, the ideal remains the foundation ready Heaven Juice, available in size of 10 ml or 50 ml, neutral or flavored, nicotine-free, or with nicotine 9 mg / ml or 18 mg / ml.

The FlavourArt aromas are then divided into series, each of which is expressly dedicated to a category of vaping.

The series Wizard & Flash, flavorings which may be described as "flavor correctors" for liquids for electronic cigarettes, in order to make the vapor more like the traditional cigarette smoke, or to add a touch of roundness and softness. Available in size from 10 ml dropper.

The series of tobacco FlavourArt truly embraces every possible imaginable preference, with 18 types of e-liquids 10 ml dropper tobacco softer than most intense, from the most minor to the most aromatic.

The Virginia fragrant, sweet and soft, for those who love the smell of tobacco but do not want to taste too invasive.

Maxx Blend, strong and spicy, the hit you are looking for!

7 leaves, the aroma of seven varieties (fire-cured, bright leaf, burley, shade, parakeet, Latakia, Oriental) built to give you this taste dry and woody, yet unobtrusive.

Cuban Supreme, fragrant and intense as the earth which is inspired.

Cowboy Blend, a tabaccoso that evokes the atmosphere westerns, with hints of hay and honey.

Latakia tobacco leaves dried and lightly smoked, perfect match after a coffee.

Cam Blend, tobacco gives off aromas of wood and spices.

Dark Vapure, a strong tobacco and decided with cocoa aftertaste.

Perique Black, rough, strong and firm, ideal to combine with other less intense aromas.

Layton Blend, very special tabaccoso by intense fruity notes.

Black Fire: wood, smoke and caramel enhance this intense tabaccoso.

Dusk, soft tobacco with notes of sweet licorice.

Then we have the series of Passionate, where the passion for flavor has joined in perfect harmony and sensual floral notes, fruity, spicy, sweet, bitter, all designed to awaken the five senses!

First of all the famous and imitated RY4, a perfect blend of liquorice and caramel, sweet aftertaste that not even stop your taste and your sense of smell!

Among Passionate also excellent Ozone, a floral aftertaste fresh and sour, and Royal, woody and fresh sweet hit by the excellent

Sweet aromas develop into an endless series of variations, indeed all possible variations for those who like the SVAPO sweet, well 76 flavorings, spices, fruits, flowers and liqueurs which satisfy all kinds of goodies.

The tropical, warm, heady and juicy, what else to say? Simply fruit ripened in the sun of the tropics!

And the delicate floral, a selection of the most fragrant flowers, based on natural extracts.

But Flavourart satisfies even the most bizarre, with the spices for Brave: Cucumber, Crab, Black Pepper, Tomato, Cooked Ham, Ham, White Truffle and Saffron. For those who does not limit the physiology of taste.

Preparation of liquid

We recommend starting with the minimal dose (dilution 2% or 5%), or below the recommended minimum (you can 'always add, remove, and' more 'difficult ...) and find their own balance.

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