Concentrated flavors EnjoySvapo for e-cigarette

The alternative to classic flavors for electronic cigarettes is now reality: Enjoy SVAPO offers more than 7 fragrances!



The strength of the line is the particular emphasis on the naturalness of the ingredients and processing techniques. Each phase is designed according to the strictest regulations, ensuring compliance with the philosophy "organic."

A simple philosophy, based directly on the extraction of essence from the product in question, without having to assemble molecules synthetically. This is enhanced and reproduces fedelment the taste and aroma of fluids svapare: Enjoy SVAPO is available in over 7 different flavors, fruit not synthetic but of citrus extracts, roots or plants.

Melon & Organic Absinthe, Lime Organic, Organic Licorice, Lemon Juice Organic, Sambuca Organic, Tangerine Juice Organic and ... Organic Tobacco!

7 intense flavors, each with an original taste and authentic, ready to meet your relaxing breaks.

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