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A complete catalog of kits to rediscover the pleasure of smoking

The electronic cigarette is a good solution for those who want to move from the harmful smoke of cigarette to smoke aromatic and no contraindications of e-cigarette. Sold in special kit with everything you need for a quick and easy use, the electronic cigarette has gained in a short time the favor of a public cross, ranging from occasional smoker to smoker hardened. Moreover, the electronic cigarette is practical, does not contain harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide or cadmium, takes up very little space, it can be recharged in the car or from any wall outlet and allows you to recover the cost for the acquisition in a short time. A gain is not only health but also your wallet!

The main components of the complete kits for electronic cigarettes are four. Specifically, we find:

 The atomizer, responsible for the heating of the liquid stored in the cartridge and its transformation into steam at the time of aspiration;
 The battery energy source to power the atomizer;

 The LED, to simulate the access of traditional cigarette;

 The cartridge, or the filter soaked in the flavored liquid.

To these are added secondary components including covers, empty bottles for the transport of liquid, taken USB, portasigaretta, extra batteries, and more. For further information on complete kits on this page please contact us without obligation by email or phone.

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Why electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are designed to help you to smoke without poison. They are electronic devices designed to improve the quality of life and health of all smokers who wish to continue smoking without risking your health because of carcinogenic and toxic substances present in the cigarette. The e-cigarette make healthy habit of smoking without toglierne pleasure and keeping the important psychological ritual gesture of smoking that is above all one of the major causes of addiction. Try out new electronic cigarettes choices esmoke and rediscover the pleasure of smoking and healthy aromatic.


Electronic cigarettes and health

 The smoke of traditional cigarettes contains 4800 different chemicals. 69 of these substances are carcinogenic. The cigarettes elettronicherappresentano alternative of tremendous value to those who for years tried to quit smoking but is unable to do so. The e-cigarette offers the great advantage of making you continue smoking without intoxicated. The essential difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional is their combustion.

In traditional cigarette effects of combustion multiply the amount of harmful substances that the body undergoes. Among these substances there are truly dangerous agents such as tar, carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, acetaldehyde or cadmium. The e-cigarette has the great advantage of not having any of these harmful substances. When you smoke the electronic cigarette is not ingested, so any harmful substance. If you wish, you can use liquid for electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine but in small quantities and virtually harmless. The difference with the traditional cigarettes is so glaring.

The electronic cigarette is not so no carcinogenic risk. Since there is no combustion, the smoker does not assume chemicals that can trigger the development of tumoral forms. With the e-cigarette you can really turn the page only final abandoning the classic blonde.


How electronic cigarettes are made...

Electronic cigarettes are characterized by a number of components:

- The atomizer is the engine and has the task of heating the deposited liquid in the cartridge and turn it into steam when the aspiration takes place.

- The battery has the task to provide energy to the atomizer.

- The led placed in the tip of the cigarette simulates the color access of traditional cigarette.

-The cartridge is a filter soaked in the liquid chosen by the user.


The advantages of electronic cigarettes

Health: Switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic means to increase your quality of life, breathe better and decrease the chance of developing cancers of the respiratory tract.

Custom: Electronic cigarettes allow you to abandon traditional cigarettes without losing the classical gestures and rituals that accompany quotidinamente life of the smoker.

Savings: Smoking with the Electronic Cigarette is infinitely cheaper than buying packages of cigarettes (increasingly expensive) every day. The cost of the liquid is lower than the cost of the packages of cigarettes.

Approval: The various liquids chosen existing allow you to get sensations very similar to those that gives the traditional cigarette.

Aesthetics: The electronic cigarette does not yellow teeth or produce unpleasant odors in clothes or rooms.

The complete catalog of electronic cigarettes kit includes many models of the best brands. Discover the products and buy your kit online!

The complete sets of electronic cigarettes offered by Svapoexpress are carefully selected to ensure a user experience safe and satisfying.

Continuously evaluate the proposals of the market to offer our customers a wide range of products with the best quality / price ratio.

Each kit includes the need to compose and charge the electronic cigarette, the more elements such as housing or battery free.

Join tab of each product and choose your favorite model!

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