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Premixed e-liquid and flavors for electronic cigarettes

On our store you find a wide range of brands, flavors and concentrations of e-liquid for e-cigarette for every need.

All our e-liquids are produced by certified laboratories and controlled to obtain a product of maximum quality .

We do not sell anything not guaranteed or endorsed by a relevant certification.

E-Liquids may contain nicotine, and should be kept away from children.

What are e-liquids for e-cigarette or e-liquids

The e-liquids are liquids that are designed to charge our electronic cigarettes to svapare alone or in company.

The e-liquids for electronic cigarette are composed of a percentage of nicotine (0 to 16), aromas (fruity, tabaccosi, creamy, balsamic and others) and a substance able to retain water like propylene glycol or glycerol vegetal .

Choose one of these unique fragrances and aromas means try engaging that make our e-cigarette experience not to be missed.

Choosing a good liquid is very Imortant, because we can express the quality of the hardware used, and the overall yield of the new experience, which is likely to be negative if made dvere and with the right products and quality.

How to fill the e-liquid for e-cigarette

To recharge with eliquids our e-cigarette are provided simple steps, first of all it is necessary to wear disposable gloves.

Below, the second step is to pour the liquid with the bottle with a needle contained in the kits from the top of clearomizer on the outer sides of the same.

We have to fill roughly three quarters before making some dry fire so that the atomizer is irrori adequately.

Charge our electronic cigarette with liquid is then a process very easy and fast.

Types of e-liquids for electronic cigarette

Svapoexpress selected for you a list of eliquids for your electronic cigarette of the highest quality and reliability.

On our store you can find: liquid balsamic ideal for regenerate or cool off while svapi.

Tastes like, for example, the ginseng or licorice mint are great to relax and get energy while enjoying the pleasure of the electronic cigarette. creamy liquid that will help you feel pleasant flavors in each svapata.

Liquid fruit to bring to your palate the unmistakable taste of the fruit.

Apple, tangerine, peach, strawberry svapare and taste the pleasure of biting a juicy fruit is a pleasure to which many can not give up. tabaccosi liquids.

Svapoexpress of store you can find several brands of eliquids, all Italian and synonyms of excellent quality.

We sell only liquid Italian because we believe in the seriousness of the Made in Italy and trust of the production processes used sampled producer.


BlendFeel: liquid high quality Italian products, with passion and extreme professionalism.

Accatreò Bio: brand new, new product, but that is the excellence of the liquid for electronic cigarette made in Italy. Underlying these e-liquid is Italian biomedical company that uses the highest quality components, not a pharmaceutical production process that makes them the best products at the European level. Liquids Accatreò Bio are proposed in twenty-three flavors and in three different degrees of nicotine 0 - 8-16 mg of nicotine in bottles of 10 ml with very detailed leaflet on the technical characteristics and aromas. Choose liquids Accatreò Bio means choosing the quality of Made in Italy.

Dea: historical brand and market leader in the production of liquids for e-cigarettes. Goddess Flavor needs no introduction as it is a good choice of product and value for money. Available in twelve flavors and three grades 0 - 9-16 mg of nicotine in bottles of 20 ml.

FlavourArt: company of the province of Novara, in Piedmont, certified ISO 9001, has worked for years in the field of liquid flavorings, exporting tens countries.

Lop: liquid 100% made in Sicily.


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