DeOro - Platinum Line 10ml

DeOro - Platinum Line 10ml


In our store you can find the line Platinum signed Deoro, inspired by flavors and refined details, suitable for the most demanding Vapers.

It is always fluid microfiltered pharmaceutical grade, in amber glass bottles from 10ml with dropper. 100% Made in Italy.

The flavours of the line Platinum are 11:

TRILOGY: tabacco soft, with sweet but not cloying. Ideal for a relaxing evening.

HONEY: liquid sweet and delicate with great aromatic intensity that will delight you.

IRON: tabacco tasty, pungent and decided, that never tires.

BLACKBURN: mysterious tabacco.

MUSTANG: tabacco for extracting from tobacco dublin. So named because it is a tough tabaccoso that never tires. Dry and rough, very aromatic, pleasant and without contamination.

MALIBU ': liquid that is inspired by the Pina Colada but with the addition of other flavors that explode in your mouth in a very harmonious. Notice is clearly the coconut and pineapple, all accompanied by a very light and pleasant hint of alcohol. A trip to an island paradise.

HEMINGWAY: e-liquid developed around the crisp taste of lime

MILK & MEX: a cream multifaceted. A good creamy milk flavored coffee. Full flavored with the taste of milk that prevails over coffee. At vape it is fresh, thanks to a slight minty notes. It's not as sweet as you would expect.

DOUBLERED: a poker creams fruity very stimulating to the palate

CHEESEBERRIES: the taste of blueberry and other berries on a creamy, soft and fragrant. A liquid for the sweet tooth.

IRISH COFFEE: a journey to discover the Irish pubs. Great taste coffee, sweet and aromatic, with a slight hint of alcohol. E-Liquid flavored and very pleasant. Ideal after meals.

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