DeOro - Cloud Chasing Line 50ml

DeOro - Cloud Chasing Line 50ml


After careful study of the molecular behavior of high wattage glycerin compressed DeOro has achieved a liquid for electronic cigarette specially designed to create so-called "clouds" of steam.

To allow maximum "cloudiness", the liquids of the line DeOro Cloud Chasing are composed for 60% of vegetable glycerin, to 30% of glycerine food and compressed to 10% of propylene glycol ... according to experts of this composition will DeOro It will allow to obtain a 30% density than to a traditional liquid.

E-Liquids DeOro are available on Svapoexpress:

- MARILYN: mix sweet and fresh cream, watermelon and mint,

- ELVIS: mix fresh grapefruit and licorice,

- ROCK & ROLL: neutral base tasteless, odorless and zero nicotine cloud chasing.



Composition: 60% vegetable glycerin, 30% glycerin feed compressed and 10% propylene glycol.

50ml bottle.

Nicotine 0mg / ml.

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