Dea Flavour

Aromas Dea Flavor for electronic cigarette - Italian brand

DEA Flavor is the Italian brand of a company's production and quality-liquids made its core business. The aromas DEA Flavor that you find in the catalog of Svapoexpress are a selection of the best products of this company thirty, chosen to suit all tastes and to make you feel the pride of this brand of liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Thanks to the efforts of DEA Flavor Italian excellence also reaches the market for liquids for electronic cigarettes!
Aromas for all needs and for all tastes!

The strict controls on the finished product DEA Flavor fact, focus particularly on the quality of the raw materials, which will use only if no microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, or other potentially harmful contaminants. The entire production cycle takes place under the watchful eye of the Quality Control of DEA Flavor, so it does not take place outside contamination of any kind on the finished product.

The mission of the DEA Flavor is in fact to always respect the parameters essential to a liquid for electronic cigarettes deserve to forge this brand:

- Made in Italy: all liquids DEA Flavor are strictly produced in Italy;

- Security: the production cycle of liquid DEA Flavor occurs according scrupulous quality standards, with continuous and daily testing on the finished product. The tests are carried out by accredited laboratories, as required by the Ministry of Health with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025. The bottles DEA Flavor have warranty seal and safety cap certificate ISO 8317 that prevents the opening of part of children. Each pack also shows information for safe use of the product;

- Traceability: DEA Flavor is able to trace every single bottle from the moment it leaves the factory until the sale to the final consumer;

- Selected raw materials: DEA Flavor buys its raw materials from leading European suppliers of food and pharma sectors: water, food flavorings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol pharmaceutical grade.

Thanks to the extreme transparency of DEA Flavor, on its official website that publishes all the certificates in its possession and the results of any analyzes carried out on its products, we can say that the liquid DEAFlavor allow you to enjoy a carefree SVAPO!

The selection of liquid DEA Flavor for your relaxation

Solutions catalog embrace a bouquet of tones suitable for any palate: strong and decisive, dry and bitter, fresh, delicate ... intriguing combinations for relaxing hard to forget. The aromas DEA Flavor are based on a mix of substances tested according to strict quality controls. Among the main ingredients are water, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. To these are added the aromas (in accordance with the EC Regulation 1334/08) and, to varying degrees, nicotine.

On this page you will find our selection of aromas DEA Flavor: balsamic, creamy, fruity, tabaccosi, floral. Notes appealing designed to seduce and amaze, to be ordered directly at home and enjoy total freedom.

If until now you were convinced that no electronic cigarette would never be able to give you the same satisfaction of classic cigarettes, we are confident that with DEA ​​Flavor change your mind: the quality of svapoè result of a partnership between the essential quality of the device used and the quality of liquid. And the quality of the liquid for electronic cigarettes DEA Flavor there is no shadow of a doubt!

Do not settle: discover the pleasure of Italian vaping, get out of the ordinary and try the flavors for electronic cigarettes DEA Flavor!

A world of flavors in which overwhelming leave the safe transport! Balsamic, creamy, fruity, floral or tabaccoso, what's your favourite tastee? Try aromas DEA Flavor and find it out!

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