Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust - E-Liquid for Electronic Cigarette 



The liquids for electronic cigarette Charlie's Chalk Dust need no presentation, but the story of their creation is not like the others!

The Charlie's Chalk Dust were created from recipes found in an old diary, presumably dating back to 1923, and forgotten for so long.

The diary belongs to Charlie, a teller of fairy tales that he never imagined that his recipes would have been used to achieve these liquids fantastic

The liquids are liquid Charlie's California Made in the USA.

Within the Store Svapoexpress are available in both the Black Label that White Label whose composition varies according to taste.


The White Label Charlie's Chalk Dust includes:

- Drama Swirl: pastry with apricot frosted

- Honey Badger: tobacco leaves combined with a velvety cream

- Milk Mustache: taste sweet cereal

- Wonder Worm: gummy candies combined with a sweet cake psychedelic


The Black Label Charlie's Chalk Dust includes:

- Dream Cream: vanilla cream, chocolate and cinnamon fidge

- Head Bangin Boogie: popsicle blueberry

- Peanut Butter & Jusus: peanut butter and jam

- Slam Berry: homemade strawberry ice cream

- Trueberry Sugar & Knife: pancakes with pineapple sprinkled with maple blackberry syrup

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