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The excellent quality and the high performance of its products, make Vision one of the leaders in the world of electronic cigarettes. Thanks to the experience accumulated in this particular sector, the Vision brand is able to offer a wide variety of articles for svapatori, from the atomisers to different types of batteries.

Batteries Vision Spinner are rechargeable lithium-ion battery and are resistant, lightweight and extremely easy to use: you turn on and off with the classic five quick click on the button and, in models with variable voltage and power, just turn the ring on the bottom to adjust the svapata.
Some models have a short-circuit protection, a security system that is activated in the event of a long press of the button and a useful indicator of the level of charge to monitor the daily consumption, as well as a red LED that mimics the look of a normal cigarette.
The power ratings ranging from 400 to 1600 mAh, ensuring optimum performance even on low and remain more or less stable during the entire period of use. The higher the voltage that you decide to set, the greater will be the power that arrives to the atomizer: you will obtain a more dense smoke, an aroma more intense and, therefore, a greater stroke of the throat or hit.
Their design is simple and straightforward, edited both in materials and finishes. The body of the battery it is strong and ergonomic at the same time, thus ensuring excellent handling and fluidity of use. The articles are available in different types of color to satisfy customers also from the aesthetic point of view, from black rubber to steel, to white, and each port is clearly visible on the side of the brand Vision and symbols EC and WEEE, to guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The new line battery Vision Stylish representing a product revised graphically and stylistically, for those looking for extreme elegance and bright colors and youth.

Vision batteries are ideal for all types of svapatori: for those starting out and approaches the world of e-cig out of curiosity or out of necessity, considering it an effective and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, but also for users more experts, maneuvering between liquids, batteries, atomizers and accessories, have learned to recognize the products that best meet their needs.
These products are extremely versatile and functional, also competitive in terms of price, compatible with the main types of atomizers on, e-commerce entirely dedicated to the electronic cigarette.

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