Electronic cigarette batteries

The battery is a key element for the functioning of your electronic cigarette. The energy that the battery provides the atomizer is essential to ensure that the liquid reaches the temperature necessary for evaporation. The battery of the electronic cigarette is located in the central area where the tobacco in cigarettes normal lives and is connected to the atomizer through a thread.

Tipologia di batterie per la sigaretta elettronica

Typically there are batteries of various voltages. The voltage of these batteries is normally of 3.7 volts and the current oscillates between 180 and 300 milliamps. As regards the materials the batteries are lithium or Li Ion. This batteries are the only ones that ensure a smooth flow of power until the battery drains. The life of batteries for electronic cigarettes varies according to model but varies between 300 and 1000 charges bearable.

The latest models have a technological variable power, this means that by means of the pressure continues three times the button LED can be changed between three different types of power, in order to manage both the autonomy of the battery that the intensity of the smoke, depending on the wants and needs of that time prteciso.

Automatic battery vs manual battery

The batteries can be automatic or manual. Automatic batteries are activated at the time of aspiration and are suitable for those who use the electronic cigarette with the same frequency and mode of regular cigarette. The manual batteries instead are activated by the user with a button on the battery, by means of the pressure is activated the vaporization of the liquid suitably chosen.

Colored, chrome and LED batteries 

Svapoexpress has selected a series of models of batteries for electronic cigarette both standard chrome or colored. You will surely find a battery to your liking aesthetic, as well as some with a display LED so you can always have an eye on the state of battery charge that the number of svapate made since the last charge.

Vision, Kanger, Eleaf by iSmoka, Smok, Justfog Batteries 

On our store we offer batteries for electronic cigarette only the best brands.

As of now famous Spinner Vision, in both I and II that the new mini, and regular vision ego.

We propose then the excellent battery Kanger, in version variable voltage: Kanger Evod VV 1000, VV 1300 Kanger Evod until Kanger Evod VV 1600 mAh, performance and potent.

We have the beautiful Justfog batteries, in both ego atomizers 1453 version that big battery in 2043.

The latest arrival is the batteries Eleaf by iSmoke, another brand that is now on a par with other giants, with its batteries Eleaf iStick in various powers available.

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