Kanger: atomizers for electronic cigarette

Famously known as "KangerTech". Founded in 2007, Kangertech is one of the first manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in China. Maximum concentration on innovation and new products E-cigs, Kanger models are very popular both in Europe and in North America. Very careful to maintain high standards of quality, therefore all products are certified Kanger, CE, RoHS and SGS certifications to meet the requirements of the international ISO 14000.

SvapoExpress offers different models of atomisers Kanger for electronic cigarette, all strictly original and with the relative resistances parts, so they can be regenerated in a simple and fast.

Each model has its own characteristics, which depend on the materials used, the capacity of the liquid, by the presence or not of the air flow control.

According to prorpie you need you can choose a suitable atomizer Kanger and you will never be disappointed.

Kanger: models of atomizers

- Series Aerotank (mini, mega, giant, turbo, mow)

- Series Genitank (mini, mega, giant)

-series PROTANK 2:03, EC4 (disposable)

- Series 2 and Evod Evod Glass.

Available the new atomizer Kanger Subtank, for the most demanding clients who prefer to have the opportunity to rigeneare their resistances or otherwise prefer to vape in subohm.

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