ELEAF GS Air: atomizer specific for iStick 20W

New atomizer GS AIR by Eleaf, created specifically for use with the mini-box iStick.

Innovative dual-coil, you may use up to 20W of power! No burnt taste and huge steam production.

Even when used at a normal power of 8W it is able to provide excellent yield and aromatic production steam.

The perfect solution for those who prefer a variable vape between 8W and 20W, depending on the time of day or maybe the liquid used.

ELEAF MELO: atomizer specific for iStick 30W

Atomizer MELO by Eleaf, created specifically for use with the mini-box iStick 30 Watt or other batteries with a high wattage.

Constructed of stainless steel, the atomizer MELO has the tank and the drip tip glass.

Innovative dual-coil, Melo can be used with a variable power between 20W and 30W without any burnt taste, huge production of steam and is capable of providing excellent yield aromatic and production of steam at any wattage used.

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