Justfog: atomizers for electronic cigarette

SvapoExpress proposes a series of atomizers Justfog for the various kits available.

Justfog, South Korean company, has become a reference point in the production of electronic cigarettes and accessories, for the exceptional quality of the production of these kits.

All Justfog atomizers are characterized by a dual coil technology at the top, generating a lot of hot steam.

We might want to flip for this atomizer constantly to ensure constant liquid in the wick.

Justfog: models of atomizers available

Atomizer 1453: new version of the MAXI, now in the Ultimate version with the possibility of the steel tip.

Atomizer 2043: series tank from 3..ml for big battery voltage variable in 2043, also in the Ultimate version with steel tip.

These sprayers have been studied and designed by Justofog to give maximum performance with their own strengths and batteries.

The substitution of the resistance (only one model of the same resistance value) is simple and fast.

When you change the resistance? Just when you notice a taste altered or burned during the vaping moment.

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