Resistant, versatile and with excellent performance: discover our atomizers for electronic cigarette

Strong of a consolidated experience in the sale and distribution of accessories for electronic cigarettes, SvapoExpress now has a complete catalog of atomizers of the biggest brands on the international market. Innokin, Justfog, Vision and other brands of all companies that have invested in research and experimentation.

Atomizers for electronic cigarettes proposed are the result of careful studies on consumer tastes and ergonomics in contact with hands and mouth. Added to this is the thorough analysis of the safety standards set by European legislation and Italian, which requires compliance with certain certifications to ensure a quality trade.

The result is a series of atomizers resistant, versatile, with a good capacity of the reservoir, compatible with different types of batteries and high performance. Each model of atomizer for electronic cigarette comes with the latest technology, described in detail the relevant chart.

Finally, the wide range of sizes and colors (from green to red, from steel to transparent), makes the smoking experience more pleasant and enjoyable. For information on related products and combinations with other products you have to do is contact us by email or phone. What are you waiting for?

Choose now your atomizer for electronic cigarettes!

Available only original brands like Innokin, Vision, Kanger, Aspire, Justfog and regenerable Tobeco.

All products are certified and CE and WEEE

SvapoExpress offers a number of useful spare parts for our electronic cigarettes.
Atomizers of different models perfect to satisfy everyone's tastes and svapare tastefully anytime.
The spare parts available are varied: transparent, opaque, thin, compact or colored. Choose the right atomizer is the first step to svapare the most of our favorite flavors.
Atomizers for electronic cigarettes are the most important part of any kit svapare.
Their function is to heat the flavored liquid contained in the tank and turn it into steam suitable for inhalation.
They come in various colors, materials and sizes, with prices that change depending on the technical characteristics and the technology adopted.
On this page we have selected atomizers for electronic cigarettes of some of the best brands on the market. The choice is yours!
We have selected the following as the best brands on the market today: Kanger, Justfog, Innokin, Vision, Aspire

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