Bases and Aromas

The perfect solution for those who prefer the DIY e-liquid!

For those who still do not know, the fluids are mainly composed of five elements:

- Propylene glycol

- Vegetable Glycerin

- Water

- Nicotine in varying degrees (or even without)

- Aroma.

For the more experienced, SvapoExpress has selected a wide range of bases and Concentrated flavors that will enable all svapatori demanding to achieve its liquid more or less concentrated according to different times of day.

Bases are neutral compounds with a variable percentage of Propylene Glycol (which emphasizes the Hit, that is the shot in throat), Vegetable Glycerin (which serves as a thickener emphasizing the smoke and gives the liquid a sweet taste) and demineralized water (making it more viscous and fluid liquid). These must be mixed with the aromas concentrates available in the classic tastes tabaccosi, fruity, balsamic and creamy.

The solution of liquid do tea is the easiest way to try to find the taste that suits your needs because you can establish your own concentration of aroma in dilute Base finding a taste that finally can satisfy you.

Create your liquid DIY today! Simply to have a Neutral base containing your preferred level of nicotine to mix with the aroma concentrate chosen.

Among our proposals we will present a selection of bases and concentrates Aromas high quality to be mixed to create a perfect liquid for your electronic cigarette with which to try a new way to smoke. Certified products with different flavors for different tastes. Maximum safety, maximum pleasure .... For the most demanding svapatore propose Bases and flavors for e-cigarette quality carefully selected from the finest pharmaceutical components and plant.

The brands that we have selected for you are: DEA Flavour, DKS, T-Juice, T-SVAPO and LOP.

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