Alloy Blends

Alloy Blends Electrum: premium e-liquid imported directly from Los Angeles



Alloy Blends was founded to bring to market only the best liquid handcrafted "Made in USA" ... aromas personalized for each consumer.

These are exclusive tastes that come together in a complex formula to multiple layers that you will not find anywhere else!

Alloy Blends has undertaken a great deal to provide not only the best flavor, but also products of the highest quality products ... that is top class in every respect.

The common characteristics of liquid Alloy Blends is a rich creamy base, which presents different facets in various fragrances, giving the right sweetness and a great yield aromatic palate.


Alloy Blends LLC Electrum - 30ml E-Liquid


Line LLC Electrum includes:

- Blonde: liquid with taste of real vanilla cream, sweet refined to be just right, very rich and rather delicate, without tiring.

- Bluing is a replica of a popular mix of blueberries and marshmallow revised and refined to the most discerning palates.

- Crucible: taste of vanilla and cappuccino ... daring and sophisticated, it reveals a great liquid SVAPO, with classic creamy note and adding cappuccino softness.

- Etched: creamy but refreshing infusion of a fantastic mixture of lemon and orange.

- Fracture: the taste of real American peanut butter mixed with creamy notes to give a hue & agrave; Round and tasty.

- Lustor: vanilla dessert with different facets, very intriguing.

- Quenched: an infusion of strawberry, full of flavor.

- Velocity: taste of apple pancake.

- Vented: the tabaccoso Alloy Blends! With creamy notes of vanilla to release a taste tabaccoso but balanced.

Glass bottles with cork contagogge 30ml.


Alloy Blends Benchmark  -  30ml E-Liquid


Benchmark includes:

- Smooth: a delicious taste of pineapple yogurt mixed with spicy and seasoned with Bavarian cream.

Glass bottles with cork contagogge 30ml.

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